Animal Search & Rescue Team

Animal Search & Rescue Team

Animal Search & Rescue TeamAnimal Search & Rescue Team

About Us

Who We Are


Dog Days Search & Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization, volunteer based, animal search and rescue group. Our primary focus is to help lost animals reunite with their owners. In addition, we also focus on helping abandoned or stray animals in need and work to get them to safety. 

Our skilled team will conduct search and rescues in a compassionate and professional manner while utilizing multiple resources and the latest equipment available to better serve our community. 

Our Team


Our experienced team not only has the passion and drive for search and rescue but they also have the skills! Our exclusive team specializes in helping owners bring their pets home safely, along with catching and saving stray, neglected or abandoned pets in need. 

We will coordinate search and rescues to assist owners in finding and catching their pets.  We are always up to speed on technologies that may help in getting pets home quicker and safer.  Sometimes we are boots on the ground and other times we may walk you through finding your pet over the phone. We do whatever we can. Rescue is a passion for us and we volunteer because its in our hearts to help you find your lost pet. If you need our help, 

Dog Days Search & Rescue is here!

Our Experience


Our team has over 5 years of search & rescue experience with lost and found pets. We are equipped with various humane traps, field cameras, kennels, net guns, mobile fencing and other items that help to bring your lost pet to safety. We have worked in many terrains from the mountains to the deserts to urban and busy city areas. We know your surroundings can make a huge difference in how you find your pet quickly and safely and we have the experience to help you in any scenario. We will establish a game plan for your specific lost pet and our team will work with you to reunite your lost furry family member. 

Contact Us

Time is critical if you have lost a pet

Please contact us right away if you have lost or found a pet in your area

Dog Days Search & Rescue

P.O. Box 1511, Simi Valley, CA 93062, US

(818) 427-7778 or (805) 551-9706

Email us about your lost pet here