Animal Search & Rescue Team


Lost & Found Websites

Microchipping your Pet

You can contact your vet or local clinics to have your pet microchipped.  Most shelters also offer microchipping. Microchipping is key to getting your pet returned immediately but only if your information is updated. Microchipping is also showing to provide legal proof of ownership so we recommend microchipping all your pets in the event you need this proof. 

Spay & Neuter/Vaccination Clinics

Check with your local pet store or shelter to find out when the next spay/neuter clinics are being held. There are also specific rescues that offer funding for low cost spay/neuters/vacs and certain days when shelters offer low cost options to the public.

Cat Tips

Cats can be a little different to search for then dogs as they usually don't go far and are often hiding during the day.  Please follow the usual steps of making flyers, making your neighbors aware and checking local shelters. Check all possible areas like garages, sheds and behind or underneath furniture in rooms in the house to make sure they are not stuck somewhere.  Check with neighbors within a 2 block radius as they don't usually travel farther then that right away. Check all bushes and trees and rooftops.  Do some late night and early morning searching as they often roam this time of night.  Check all front yards and as many neighboring back yards as possible. Call their name repeatedly in a way they are familiar with so hopefully they will come out of hiding and come to you or will meow in response. You can also go outside and shake a bag of dry food and/or open a can of wet food so that they may hear the familiar sound of feeding time. 

DO NOT LEAVE LITTER BOX, FOOD OR WATER OUT as you do not want to attract any unwanted wildlife into the area endangering your lost cat. 

Tags & Identification & GPS Collars

If your lost pet has a tag on most often they are reunited right away. A simple collar and tag will allow your pet to be returned quickly and will help avoid time and fees incurred if brought to the shelter while waiting for you to redeem them.  It also keeps kennels in shelters open so that a stray dog can spend time there while waiting to be adopted. The more open kennels there are the less dogs/cats that are killed in shelters.

There are a few options for GPS collars on the market but we and several of our supporters prefer the option below. If you have a runner or a high risk escape dog we highly recommend getting one. These are also extremely useful for rescues placing flight risks into new foster homes or during transport of a new rescue.

Tagg/Whistle Tracking collars

Rehoming your Pet

Should you need to re-home your pet please try to reach out to all local rescues or your neighborhood community groups to see if someone can help.  The shelter should be a last resort but is also a safer resource then giving your pet away for free on some sell sights like craigslist. Your pet could fall into the wrong hands if given away on these free sale sites unless you are diligent by offering a rehoming fee and doing some research on the new owners and a personal home check.