Animal Search & Rescue Team

a few of our success stories



Sweet Honey had just been adopted from the shelter and was in the process of being brought into her home by her new family when she got scared and bolted down Thousand Oaks Blvd! We were tagged and immediately Chris rushed out to search for her. She felt in her gut that she was in this certain parking lot so she scoured the area high and low till she saw a tail sticking out from under one of the cars. Honey was terrified and trying to hide in a ball. She waited a couple minutes till JoAnn and Casey arrived on scene and instructed the owners to try and block the exit. With some coaxing and a loop leash they were able to get her safely!! She was still very scared and looked as if she might try to bolt again but they were able to calm her down. A few kisses later and Honey was back off to her new home! 



This sweet pup was seen stuck in a wash behind homes in Camarillo. A neighbor had been feeding her for a month morning and night so we set a trap for her this evening and within minutes BOOM we caught her!!! Guess what, she has been missing since December 2016!!!!! She endured the harsh winter rains, cold nights and already many hot summer days. Thanks to her license tag and Ventura County Animal Services we contacted her owner and they came for her right away! She had only traveled less than half a mile from where she went missing. 

Momma Kitty & day old kittens


Mom was successfully trapped and reunited with her day old babies that still had umbilical cords attached.



Dusty story to come



Red is Safe!! Our team got a call about a little red chi/doxi running in the streets of Simi Valley, CA Friday night (thank you Nanci)! Our team went out to search right away, but she had disappeared into a heavily brush filled wash area by the time we got there. We spoke with multiple neighbors who had nick named her Red, who told us they had seen her running around in traffic for at least 4-5 days. We immediately set the trap on Friday night and staked it out for several hours but she stayed away, and much to our disappointment, she didn't reappear at all yesterday. Fearing the worst as this is a heavily populated coyote area our team set out again to search for her this am. Within a few hours she reappeared, in full run as usual. Relieved to see her our team scouted out the area, a field in which she had been running through and we found her laying down hiding in the shade under a tree. They quickly set a trap up nearby, while she watched every move they made from afar. She decided not to go to the trap right away and stayed away for a bit while resting from the heat. Then as we waited, she suddenly got up and moved to another area laying even farther away from the trap. At this point we moved in one team member slowly, to gently force her to move towards the trap. After a little more running she landed herself right back in the trap area and then went in for the steak! Yay! She was safe! But she was not happy to be caught and growled at us for awhile anytime we put our hands close to the trap. We took her home to decompress because we know she is just stressed and scared. We are going to start searching for her owners now! She has no microchip, and appears to be on the younger side. She needs a bath asap and a good check for ticks and foxtails. She also has a cut on her head probably from hitting it on something in the wash like tree branches. Good job team for bringing this girl in and getting her safe!! If we don't find her owners she will be needing a forever home after her stray hold is up. ❤️



For those of you that have been following Sam's search and rescue, here are the amazing details that led to her safe capture this morning! The first sign of Sam was confirmed by Avalon residents to be in June 2016 when a herd of cattle appeared in the area back behind the Simi Valley Town Center Mall and the Avalon Apartments. We were contacted in December and actively started her search and rescue exactly 42 days ago today! Our team members worked this case everyday, two to three times daily till her safe capture today. The efforts included keeping a safe feeding station, setting traps, setting a kennel run trap, trying to barricade her and physically catch her in a ravine area, a sedative in her food, and many other of our standard search and rescue attempts, all of which she eluded! Although risky we had to make the decision to try a tranquilizer dart as a last ditch effort. We reached out to our friends at Ventura County Animal Services to enlist the help of their wonderful veterinarian who is legally licensed to tranquilize using a dart gun. Our team had to work rigorously to create an exact feeding schedule in the perfect spot in order to prepare for this darting attempt. Vcas Officer Randy and Dr Heather along side with our team were able to dart her as soon as she showed up to our feeding station this morning right on time. Sam was able to make it a ways up the hill after the dart hit which is why you see our team carrying her down in the blanket. The area she has been living in is treacherous and not kind. She was living amongst coyotes, mountain lions and even a huge feral pig. The rain storms were tough for her but she never wavered. She stood her ground and continued her routine daily in her area never letting anything get her down. She is skinny, her ribs show the difficult months she has endured. The collar she had on was tight and her age is estimated to be around a year and half. This tells us she was just a puppy when she first arrived out in the hills. We don't know much about her personality at this point as she is currently at Vcas under medical monitoring just to make sure she is doing well and will be released to our care tomorrow. We look forward to getting to know Sam more closely and giving her the comfort and love she has deserved all along. This also was a tough 42 days for our team members as well. Many of them managing feedings at sun up, being out in the elements rain or shine, all of our game camera equipment being stolen, avoiding coyotes and dealing with barbed wire and other dangerous obstacles. Even through all of these testing days it was never a thought in our mind to give up. We knew we would get her, there was no other option. 

We are extremely proud of our team but of course all of the hard work that went into this rescue wasn't just by us! We had the help of so many wonderful people it means the world to us! We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts the following angels that helped along the way: The entire Ventura County Animal Services team, the residents of the Avalon Apartments and their property management team, Our two wonderful experienced drone operators, Simi Valley Missing Pets, The Simi Valley Town Center Lowes, Every good samaritan that text or called with sighting info, all of Sam's Facebook supporters, Equipment donors and all those that helped in any way during this trying rescue. We appreciate each and every one of you!